MCS was founded to create an atmosphere which would enable students to fulfill their goals by achieving good academic standards .
Over the past years, we’ve been loyal to our core mission of facilitating learning to our students and empowering their various abilities and talents throughout all the departments: kindergarten, elementary, intermediate, and up to launching the secondary department.
Our initial target has always been to establish an educational institution that follows developed methods and approaches.
To meet the requirements of the 21st century, we have selected a professional staff with high degrees and well-acquainted experience. As a team, we collaborate to implement the latest educational approaches, and continuously modify and improve our teaching methods to meet the requirements of learners with diverse interests and capacities.
Based on our profound belief, that a learner’s progress is much correlated to his/her physical, mental, psychological, social, and emotional growth, we sought the support of experts in public health and counseling. We follow up our students’ physical and psychological growth with the help of a team that consists of a doctor, certified nurse, nutritionist, speech therapist, psychologist and a social worker.
To widen our students’ concerns, and get them more involved in the surrounding community, we are constantly arranging curricular and extra curricular activities that empower our students’ sense of citizenship and let them more into educational, environmental, and health issues. Throughout these activities, we help shaping their personalities, enforcing their human values, and boosting their tendencies and talents.
Our sense of responsibility towards our students seems never to end. Even after their graduation from MCS, we feel committed to follow up their development as they move to higher academic institutions. Thank God, they have always shown continuous gratitude for the core package they’ve received at our school, and
we’ve been always proud to know a part of their achievements as adults has been initially triggered at our school.
Our students who have excelled whether at official exams or higher academic levels have made us feel that we’ve been loyal to our initial target, and that our laborious effort has been fruitful.
With the help of God, we, the family of MCS, promise that our future will be shaped by the core values that have defined our past. We are committed to lead the coming generations to more success.